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Content Management Made Easy with Site Commander

Click to download Site Commander PDF flyer (556k)

Download Site Commander PDF flyer (556k).


CompuTech Business Solutions has developed a unique web site content management tool called Site CommanderSM. With Site CommanderSM, you can easily create and maintain the content of your Internet site. Site Commander features an easy-to-use content management tool that site administrators access using a web browser (IE 5+ or NS 6+). Anyone who is granted access to the Administration section, secured by User ID and Password, can update text and images from any Internet connected PC in the world. No special software or Internet development tools are required and you don’t have to know anything about building a web site or programming in HTML! We provide a working framework or the “look and feel” of the site and you supply the content. You simply make the changes you want to the site through your browser and the changes take place on the site immediately.

Features include:

  • Add/modify/delete pages on the web site
  • Add/modify/delete Article content of the pages on the web site
    • Headlines
    • Sections
    • Content
    • Pictures
    • Bylines
    • Links to other pages or other Internet sites
    • Set up an article to show on the News Scroller on the Home page
    • Set up an expire date where the article will be automatically removed
    • Select a display template for each article
    • Sort the sections & articles on a page in the any display order
  • Add/delete pictures to pages and articles
  • Link to any site on the Internet
  • Upload .pdf, .xls, .doc and .htm files and documents as pages
  • Upload mp3 and sound files to pages
  • Use the built-in calendar to share scheduled meetings and events
  • Virtually an unlimited number of pages and articles
  • No limit to the number of change you make.

Several of our clients have opted to use Site CommanderSM and are very pleased with the flexibility it gives them. Please take a few minutes to look at a few of the sites that use this product by clicking on the company names below.

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